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Airhouse is excited to be a part of the Nanaimo action sport world. We believe that we can be a valuable part in all athletes development and training. Whether your sport is Trampoline, Parkour, Freeride Mountain Biking, Skiing, Snowboarding, Dance, Figure Skating, Skateboarding, BMX, Kite Boarding, Wake Boarding, Wake Surfing, Surfing, Wind Surfing, Moto Cross, Enduro….etc…. we all train in the air.
Come to Airhouse… what are you working on?

Airhouse Birthday Parties


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$55 a Month

Unlimited Airhouse*

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Trampoline, Mt Biking, and Parkour Academy Lessons.

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Please click on the following links to the sport specific schedules.

Schedule    Birthday Parties

Toddler Time – This is just for 3 & 4 year old children and their Parent or Adult 19 or older. The price is per child and adults join in for free. Each child can bring 1 adult with them (additional parents must pay). Max 3 children per adult. Everyone must have a waiver.
Open Drop In – 3 year old and up.  All ages jump time. Any 3 & 4 year olds must be accompanied by a paying Adult 19 or older out in the activity area. All participants, including 3 & 4 year olds and accompanying adults, pay the same drop in fee.  Kids 5 – 10 must have a responsible adult in the building at all times. They don’t have to jump but it’s fun for adults too.
Air Time –  A drop off program for kids aged 5 – 10.  Parents sign their kids up, sign them in and then can leave the building while your child jumps with one of our team. 8 spots per staff member. Games, fun and jumping.
13+ – Name says it all, if you are 13 or older come in and have fun.
Adult Time – 18+, some nights just for you!

Airhouse Parkour Zone

This zone has built-in structures, walls, bars and obstacles and an area for movable features and tricking.

Clean indoor shoes can be used in this space.

Nanaimo Account Creation & Waivers

All participants MUST first create an account and then have a electronic waiver signed. One waiver per participant. If you are 19 or older you can sign your own, if you are under 19 a parent or legal guardian must sign it for you.

Please read through and then follow all of these Account Creation Steps :

Step 1: Go to, and click create an account.  After you create an account your username and password will be emailed to you so you can log in again in the future. Your username will be your email so please use your correct email address.  If you do forget your login information please click “Forgot your password” and another password will be emailed to you.

Step 2: To Add an Additional Family Member Click Add Additional Family Member
Add Family Member
Step 3: Fill in the Form. Please add all family members. After this you can either complete your booking or cancel as you have created your Family Account.

Add Family Member Form

Step 4:  Once you have added all of your family members click on an individual that will be attending that you need to sign a waiver for, i.e. your child. At the top of their account you will see a waiver button. Please click this. In the waiver you must click the sign area at the bottom sign and then click “SUBMIT” at the top of the waiver. Remember this is a legal document so all information must be correct, including your name, child’s name and date of birth. Only parent’s or legal guardians can sign this waiver for a minor. If you are doing this on your phone select desktop view in your browser for best experience.

Click Waiver

You can also book by clicking the “Schedule” button or edit your info by clicking “My Info”.

Thank you!