4 – 9 y/o

K1  (4–7 year olds)

For young athletes in Kindergarten and Grade 1, this is a continuation of the Active Start methodology of Canada Sport for Life Long Term Athlete Development Program

  • Classes are 45 min long and focused on Fun

  • Continued learning of the ABC’s of movement. Agility, Balance, Coordination & Speed

  • Through play and movement, the young athletes are developing the fundamental movement skills that will provide the foundation for learning sports skills at an older age

  • Our Coaches guide these young athletes through active play time, helping build important connections within the brain and between the brain and their muscles

  • Continuous learning of your sports safety and risk identification

Grades 2 – 3  (6–9 year olds)

Designed for kids in Grades 2 & 3 with the Focus is on the FUNdamentals Stage of athlete development working on core movement skills in structured and unstructured activities

  • Classes are 1 hour in length each week

  • Continued emphasis on the ABC’s of movement. Agility, Balance, Coordination & Speed

  • Developing skills by guided play and activity from our Coaches by using a wide variety of equipment throughout our facility

  • Learning with new friends and old friends while being active and developing a strong self-esteem

  • Introduction of our 4 Ability Levels and building upon foundational skills

    • Intro, Novice, Intermediate & Advanced

Natalie Byers-Jones