Warm-up dynamically BEFORE you train and Trampoline

Why warm-up?

Warming up your body temperature, and getting the blood pumping and muscles ignited is paramount for BEFORE you train/play in any sports disciplines.

What does it actually achieve?

Getting your blood flowing and oxygen pumping ignites the body and preps it efficiently, ensuring for an effective time training, as well as helping to prevent injury both short and long term.

It will:

  • Increase the heart and delivery of oxygenated blood to the muscles, prepping for vigorous activity

  • Move your joints and body parts through their full range of motion, as well as increasing elasticity of muscles and connective tissues such as ligaments and tendons

  • Wake up the nervous system, so you will be engaged mentally (brain and body talk) and ready to tackle training

Static stretching Vs. Dynamic warm-up

Static: is about predominantly stretching muscles, typically involving holding a position for 30 seconds or more to elongate (stretch) the muscle. This should be used ideally after exercising to cool down and stretch the muscles.

Dynamic: elements of stretching, but this time including movement. Moving your joints through their range of motion (without being in a statically held), as well as increase body temperature and igniting the nervous-system.

How to warm-up dynamically

We’ve created this useful video guide to follow before training or trampolining. By giving your body a well-rounded routine and by offering the body (and mind) a full spectrum of practice necessities, you set yourself up for success - every time!

Cooling down

Post-training, add in a static cool-down of the body, heart rate and breath. This is just as important - Check back soon for a sequel guide to this!