5 Mountain Bike Trails in Nanaimo

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Nanaimo trail guide

Summer is here and the trails are alive with mountain bikers

Feeling ready but not quite sure where to start?

Coach Andy Hamilton talks us through which trails are best to get your summer season going and why!

Before you head off into the woods it is important to make sure that your bike is in good condition after the off season. Be sure to check over it over bring it to one of the many great bike shops in town!

Best Trails & Why

  • Legalize It (Westwood Lake)

With a mixture of flowy singletrack and technical climbs this is a great trail to get the season started. Either ride the entirety of the trail around the lake or branch out to the more technical trails above the lake!

  • Gatekeeper (South Benson)

A nice mellow logging road climb with get you to one of the best trails in town regardless of your skill level. This trail features some of the best single track in town that you will wish just keeps going!

  • Wolverine-Home Run (Doumont)

Linking these two trails together on Doumont provides you with the best of both worlds. The fast flow style singletrack of wolverine leads directly into home run, on home run you will be challenged by some aggressive root and rock sections that will certainly be bringing you back for another lap!

  • Shenanigans (Westwood Lake)

Shenanigans is one of the most popular descents that can be found surrounding Westwood lake. After the quick climb on legalize it - binx - cts you will be rewarded with one of the fastest and most fun trails in Nanaimo!

  • Finer China (Doumont)

Finer China has become the most well known trail in the Nanaimo area. Its mix of rollers and bank turns makes it feel like a downhill pump track and is fun for everyone, however, depending on how fast you ride this trail will determine the level of difficulty! It is important to roll this trail first to ensure you have the speed and confidence to take the wheels off the ground

Find the latest trail information available at Trail Forks here. Use our Tramp bike to perfect your skills before the trails here.

You can catch Andy here to see his latest updates. He’ll be running our MTB Club for kids this summer, find out more here.