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Rory Bushfield – Flying and, most importantly, landing

An inspirational figure in his own right, Bushy’s adventurous attitude is known to inspire people with his search of airtime. Bushy has a commitment to skiing, fast fluid lines and throwing buttery smooth tricks off natural terrain features. He explains it can be traced back to a single day when he was 11 years old; The day his grandmother bought him a trampoline.

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King Mike and his Community Values

“There are so many new parks all across the country,” he says. “It’s incredible to see. All the old guys are coming out to skate with their kids because these parks are so nice and accessible. We’d arrive to skate and I’d be hanging out with the old guys and my kids would meet new kids, the Canadian skate community is stronger than ever and it is cool to see all the different eras gathering together for the love of sport. Everyone is so proud of their parks and made us feel so welcome.”

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High Flyers - Athletes Keltie Hansen & Simon d’Artois

Whistler local Simon d’Artois and Squamish’s Keltie Hansen are throwing down their best tricks under the watchful eye of National Team head coach Trennon Paynter. At first glance the session seems light hearted and fun, but there is intensity simmering in the athletes’ movements. With the first competition of the 2017-18 North American World Cup season less than two weeks away, both Keltie and Simon are throwing down hard. It is, after all, an Olympic year.

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