What is the best parkour shoe?

Top 3 things to look for in a parkour shoe

In parkour, your shoes are just as important as a skateboard is to a skateboarder!

There are 3 qualities that make a good parkour shoe: 

  1. Stability

  2. Support

  3. grip

Your parkour shoe will vary depending on the style of parkour you enjoy.

If you like big tricks, and big jumps that require more impact, you are going to want a shoe that has some extra cushion under the sole, like a running shoe, some popular brands are:

  • New Balance

  • Under Armor

  • Strike Mvmnt

  • Adidas

If your style of parkour is smaller tricks and technical tricks that don't require a lot of impacts, you will want something like a skate shoe. Some popular brands are:

  • Vans

  • Nike (skate shoe)

  • Adidas (skate shoe)

  • feiyue

However, two things will remain the same in any parkour shoe and that is a flat bottom (no curves or indents like most basketball shoes have, and rubber soles especially on the toe of the shoe). You do not want your parkour shoe to have foam grip on the bottoms, lots of running shoes have this so be sure to check the bottom first!

Happy training guys!

Written by Luke, Parkour Coach at Kelowna location.