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At Airhouse our Camps come in two sizes – AirVenture and RadVenture.

AirVenture Camps are all about having fun and being active.

RadVenture Camps are about having fun while becoming a better athlete.

Airventure Camp

AirVenture Camp is about being active, learning skills and having fun. Through a variety of coaching, activities, games and crafts your child will have a day that is both lively and engaging.

AirVenture focuses on one sport per camp. Depending on your child’s age, you can pick a focus of either Trampoline or Parkour in Nanaimo and Trampoline or Skateboarding in Squamish (all skateboarding is at Airhouse).

We offer camps in three age groups; 3-4 y/o, 5-8 y/o, or 8-12y/o. Please click your location button below for the next AirVenture Holiday Camps.

AirVenture Camps can be booked as Single Full Days or as Three Full Days together, a day runs from 9am-3pm.

Nanaimo Dates

Jan 2nd, 3rd 4th – Holiday Camp

Squamish Dates

Jan 2nd, 3rd, 4th – Holiday Camp

Radventure Camp

RadVenture Camp is all about becoming a better athlete. The focus is on smaller groups with dedicated coaching throughout the sessions.

RadVenture can either be a half day single sport camp or a full day two-sport camp. The full-day camp is a half day of trampoline training and a half day of another sport.

Squamish offers Radventure camps in Trampoline, Skateboarding and Mountain Biking.

Nanaimo offers Radventure camps in Trampoline, Parkour, and Mountain Biking.

We offer these camps for age ranges; 5-8 y/o and 8-12y/o’s – Please ensure your child meets the level prerequisites for their chosen camps.

RadVenture Camps are offered both at our Airhouse locations and other offsite, sport-specific venues, throughout Squamish and Nanaimo.

RadVenture Camps are 5 days long. Camps are either 3 hours for 1/2 day or 7 hours, 9am – 4pm, for full-day camps.


Summer 2019 Dates will be published early 2019.