Andrew Hamilton

  • Rowdy

  • Humorous

  • Full-Send

What sport(s) do you coach at Airhouse?

Mountain Biking and Trampoline

What is your main sport that you love and practice?

Mountain Biking!

What is the style that best depicts how you do your chosen sport?

Fast, Nimble, and Aggressive

Any big achievements? (comps, sponsors, tricks)

Qualifying for the Enduro World Series, Racing at Cranxworx and then Fort William in Scotland. Sponsors: Airhouse, Rock City Cycles, Om Boys, Endur Apparel, and Ryno Power Supplements.

Favorite trick?

Cork 720

Goals for the future?

My goals for this year are to better my results from the previous season, as well as continue to develop amazing programs at airhouse!



Eliza Wilsonbike, nanaimo