Mountain Bike Clubs Nanaimo

Become a member of our MTB Club. The most amazing way to get involved with the biking community in Nanaimo, and to learn everything that mountain biking entails! Watch our video here to see what it's all about.

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Recreational Bike Club

Designed to further progress the skills of our athletes, while incorporating a Club environment.

For novice to intermediate level riders, Gr 4 -12.

This program will provide a sense of community and team bonding, resulting in athletes continuing training and development. This program will be spread out over multiple days/weeks allowing athletes to learn everything that mountain biking entails: Trail and bike maintenance, trail etiquette, cornering, jumping, pumping, and maneuvering technical terrain.

We will develop these skills through our progression based curriculum. Meet twice a week for 7 weeks with your Coach and Club members for a total 44hrs coaching, $475 ($11.70/HR).

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Competitive Level Bike Club

HP Comp/Development is the pinnacle of training we offer at Airhouse.

Designed especially for athletes who are focused on reaching the highest levels of competition and providing them with the coaching and development to achieve this.

For intermediate to advanced level riders, Gr 7 -12 for those who want to compete.

Training sessions involve:

  • Two weekly training session (2hr Wed, 4 Hour Sat)

  • Pre rides of Enduro Courses

  • Competition coaching on day of events

  • Indoor Dryland training

  • Training concepts

  • Nutrition

  • Video analysis

  • Simulated Competitions

Meet twice a week for 9 weeks with your Coach and Club members for a total 50hrs coaching, $695 ($15/hour).

Natalie Byers-Jones