1. the process of developing or moving gradually towards a more advanced state.

We find the best way to progress is to train. The more you train the better you become. This is why we believe in a constant state of progression. The best way to focus on your progression is with one of our Membership options below.


Monthly Memberships

WICKED pass.png
  • Access to all Airhouse locations

  • 1 session per day*

  • Recurring automatic monthly payment**

  • Cancel at any time with no refunds

  • $36 per month for Toddlers (3&4)

  • $55 per month for ages 5 and up

LOCAL pass.png
  • Access to your local Airhouse

  • 1 session per day*

  • 1 month payment with start and end date

  • Cancel at any time with no refunds

  • $40 a month for Toddlers (3&4)

  • $60 per month for ages 5 and up


To purchase a membership please select your location below. 

For Nanaimo and Kelowna you must log in or create an account before you can purchase a membership. 


* Members can pre-book for 1 session per day. If a member would like to stay or come back for another session that day they must check in at the Guest Services Counter and talk to one of our team. It is at the discretion of our Guest Services Team whether or not a member can come for another session. Things like capacity, pre-bookings, fatigue, energy levels, behaviour and attitude will be used to make this decision.

** A member must have a credit card that is valid for at least 3 months from the date of purchase on their account. The payment will auto recur on the same date of purchase each month. You can cancel at any time before your next payment.