Airhouse Nanaimo Academy Lessons - Tramp, Skate, BMX and Freerunning


The Airhouse Academy program offers lessons in Trampoline, Skateboarding, Freerunning and Freestyle BMX.
Our core training in Trampoline is a fun sport to learn body awareness, control and spatial orientation. Courses are for recreational to competitive athletes that are designed to develop air awareness skills used in many sports and dance.
Courses are taught in 6 weeks sessions (1x a week) or 5 half day camp programs. The max class ratio is 4:1 for kids ages 5 and up and 5:1 for Toddlers and Adults.
The Academy is split up into 5 age groups for kids plus adults. Each age group has 4 levels that the athletes will progress through at their pace of learning.  If this is you or your young athletes first session please sign up for level 1 in your age category.
Airhouse follows the Canada Sport For Life Long Term Athlete Development model and stages.  Our focus is on learning in a fun, positive and safe environment.
Next Session is Spring 1 starting the week of April 3rd.

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Spring Sessions 2017

Spring Session 2 – Week of May 22nd – Week of June 26th
6 weeks – 1 class a week.
Ages 3 & 4: 6 x 60 min sessions for $85
Ages 5+: 6 x 60 min sessions for $125
Wicked Annual Pass Holders save 20% and Wicked Auto-Pay Pass Holders save 15%


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In the following schedule please start by selecting the age group for the child you are booking. Some ages can be booked into different categories and it is your choice of where you think they would be best suited, with the younger or older kids.
You can further filter the results by choosing the sport on the left of the schedule.
If you are booking for more than one child you will need to book each child separately. If you do not currently have an account you will create it through this sign up process. For visual instructions please click here. Please ensure that you have a waiver signed for each child prior to the start date. All waivers must be signed by the Parent or Legal Guardian.
New this session:
Tumble Tots – a foundational introductory 6 week program for 2 year olds aimed at building confidence, mobility and spatial awareness all while having lots of fun! This is a Parent and Tot program which parents actively participate throughout the lesson.
If this is your first time please book Level 1 sessions. Only people that have completed Level 1 will be able to book a Level 2 class.


*we can not take bookings via email, facebook or phone

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Trampoline, Freerunning, Skateboarding & BMX Lessons.

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