Nanaimo Drop-In Schedule

Welcome to Airhouse.  If this is your first time please create an account as you move through the booking process. Please ensure you complete a waiver for all people that will be in the Activity Zones. If you are returning please scroll down to our schedule.
1.  In the schedule, you will see different sessions times that have different age restrictions. Please click on the little information circle to see more information about each time. You can also see the capacity, how many are booked, and if it is full.
2.  Find the session that is right for you and click “Book Now”.
3.  As you move through the booking you will be asked to create an account. You will also be able to add all family members. Please include all information including your full name as the Parent or Guardian for each individual. We use this information in the electronic waiver that you will sign.
4.  If you are looking to register children and you are not their Parent or Legal Guardian, you can sign them up as part of your “family” but please use their parent’s email, phone number, address so that we can email the waiver to their parent to sign. This is a legal waiver and must be signed by their Parent or Legal Guardian.
5.  Anyone participating in our Activity Zones must have a waiver signed and pay for a spot. We do have a viewing area where you can see all of the action.
6.  Toddler Time all kids must bring along an adult over the age of 18 to play. Adults can be responsible for 3 children each and our price for Toddler Time is per child, 1 adult per child is free.
7.  To see in detail, with pictures, how to sign up please click here.
8.  After you have created your Account the waivers can be signed on your account page.  Look at the top of the profile page for each member of your family for the “Waiver” button. After reading fully and ensuring all information is correct, please click the signature box at the bottom, sign your name, click done and then click submit at the top of the form.

Trampoline Pricing per Session:

Toddler Time (3 & 4 year olds as well as any Pre-K 5 year olds) – $12.00 per child. Price includes 1 adult. An adult must be out with the Toddler at all times.
All other sessions – $20 per participant (all ages). Children 3 & 4 must have a paying adult with them in the Tramp Zone at all times.
Everyone must wear grip socks. If you have grip socks please bring them otherwise we do sell them for $4 per pair.

Skateboarding Pricing per Session:

All sessions – $5 per participant (all ages). Children 3 & 4 must have a paying adult with them at all times. (Parent is free during Toddler Times).
If you are planning on Jumping on the Trampolines and Skateboarding please book into the Trampoline time. Skateboard pricing is for Skateboard ONLY.
* We sell 10x have passes and memberships for all sessions. So if you love it come and see us so we can help you save and have fun!

Airhouse Birthday Parties


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$55 a Month.

Unlimited* Airhouse.

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Trampoline, Mt Biking, Parkour, and Skateboarding Academy Lessons.

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