We love to Bike, especially when it involves jumps, bumps and pumps. We cater for: Freeride, Mountain Bike, BMX Race, Dirt Jumping, Bike Skills Development.

The Bike Skills Development Program is designed to build riders all-around skills. Riders will learn a solid foundation with emphasis on jumping skills, cornering and generating speed with pumping. These skills will set a core foundation for all aspects of biking. In Nanaimo, we use all areas of the Steve Smith bike park for this training. We offer training levels for riders of all ages and abilities.

Freeride Mountain Biking - This encompasses all aspects of the sport of mountain biking. Climbing, descending, jumps, drops, cornering and technical terrain are what you can expect in this program. Utilizing the great trail networks of Doumont and Westwood Lake, athletes can expect to gain an understanding of fundamental bike skills, as well as wilderness awareness and trail etiquette. Athletes should have a solid foundation of bike skills prior to getting out on the trails. If you are a first timer it is highly recommended you partake in a Bike Skills Development class to work on your skills in a controlled environment before getting out onto the single track trails.

BMX Race is designed to improve all aspects of their BMX race skills. Riders will learn a solid foundation with emphasis on jump skills, cornering, generating speed with pumping, gates & race strategy.  We will utilize the Nanaimo BMX track for this training. These sessions are for riders who have solid bike skills. Riders should be able to ride the BMX track with confidence from the start hill and be comfortable in the gate on their own.

Natalie Byers-Jones