Gymnastics Tumbling is a sport discipline which combines artistic gymnastics and trampoline.

Tumbling is an amazing foundation sport because it increases strength, flexibility, coordination and body awareness. The discipline is performed without props or equipment, and may also be referred to as floor gymnastics. All of this can help develop a wide variety of skills which are transferrable and necessary in other sports.

Whether you are a dancer, acrobat, gymnast, or cheerleader, tumbling will always have something new and exciting to be learned. 

This class is for adults that want to learn, develop, and refine gymnastic skills in a fun, challenging, and supportive environment. It is an opportunity to get support and feedback from a certified coach to learn new skills and build on the ones you may already know.

This class is for all levels, no experience required. 90 min class once per week,12x sessions $318

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Natalie Byers-Jones