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The progressive, gymnastics, trampoline, parkour, bike and skateboard training centre!

Active, energetic fun for all ages. From the basics to competitive athletes. Practice, train and be coached.

Check out what you can do below:

Drop-In Sessions

Freestyle your sessions by dropping in and practicing skills to progress your passion, your sport and your journey.


Take training to the next level with a dedicated coach. Lessons designed to hone skills and progress.


Find true adventure with us in a fun and active camp of AirVenture or the sport specific RadVenture camp.

Events & Birthdays

Unwrap the best gift possible with a party experience at Airhouse. Weekly Events to Drop-In and enjoy!


Consulting + Design

Specialists in building the next generation of world class trampoline and action sport training centres.

Air Aware

Follow Misty and Ollie on the path to becoming Air Aware with rules of the road for training at Airhouse.


Realize your potential I Fortify your dedication I Hone your skills

Consistent training allows for a constant state of progression.




10 or 15 ppl Birthday Parties. Fun + Coaching + Party.


3 Locations

Transfer your skills anywhere and everywhere.

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