Airhouse Birthdays



We want your special day to be amazing for the Birthday Day Guest of Honour and the whole family. Our parties are designed for maximum fun so everyone has a great time.

Your Party Includes:

  • An energetic Event Coach to ensure an amazing experience who will;

    • Host your party from start to end,

    • Provide full safety briefing before hand with all the rules for a fun party,

    • Go over all of the safe landing positions and provide tips and coaching throughout,

    • Organize games and activities for the group if they want it (some groups do not),

    • Run all of the Airhouse provided food and help with everything for the party,

    • And … do all the clean up;

  • Regular Party includes 1 hour of jump time, including 5 minutes orientation, and 45 minutes party in one of our party rooms or zones after your jump time;

  • Mega Party includes includes everything in our Regular Party plus an additional hour of jump time. So 2 hours of jump time, then the party;

  • 1 Juice box and Pizza* for each person;

  • 1 Bowl of Chips & Dip;

  • 1 Airhouse T-Shirt for the birthday guest of honor;

  • All of the plates, cutlery and napkins etc.

  • The best part….Airhouse staff do the clean up!

Depending on your location the Pizza might vary from an Individual size for each person or 2 slices for each person. When organizing please talk to your location about which they will be providing.

Party Type 10 People 15 People

Regular Party

$245 $315
Mega Party $325 $395
Additional Jumper $20 per guest $20 per guest
Additional Juice & Pizza $5 per guest $5 per guest

Goodie Bags (socks, 

water bottle and sticker)

$8 per guest $8 per guest
Water Bottles $3.50 per bottle 10 or more 10% off
Grip Socks $4 per pair 10 or more 10% off

Birthday Parties do share the Activity Zones with other Drop-In Guests If you would like to have the space to yourself please look at our Private Facility Bookings.


To ensure your day goes smoothly here are a few pointers:

  1. Our team will work with you from booking to party. We will help you through the process, including the signing of waivers for each guest before the big day so that you’re ready.

  2. Everyone needs grip socks! Grip socks are not included in the birthday prices as a lot of our guests already have socks, socks are $4 and could be a great idea to add to the guest gift box.

  3. Airhouse water bottles are also great for the loot bags, a great take away that they can use over and over again.


Needing a rad venue?

We have plenty of options!

From mezzanines to private rooms, use of all or part of the sporting facility, available for groups of any nearly size - this might just be the raddest venue yet.

Facility Rental: Complete and Partial.

It is possible to rent out the whole of airhouse with a private space or either a room or the mezzanine section. As well as possiblity for full or partial use of the sports facility to coincide.

Group and School Bookings

We welcome groups (and schools) to use the facility with a specific group bookings. Also the options to have partial or full use of the sporting space, as well as with or without the private space: room or mezaanine, location dependant.


Please contact the our team directly at your nearest airhouse to discuss further and all options available to you, here.

Progress Your Passion Project



This is about pulling the passion of your sport into a video edit, to stoke yourself and others and to showcase your hard work in the quest for air - Winners will receive BIG Prizes!

We want to see how YOU use the airhouse to progress your passion.

Doing something you’re passionate about whilst having fun is the basis of a FOCUSED practice and this leads to PROGRESSION. Just a little everyday will lead to your improvement!  

PASSIONS are fulfilling and enjoyable but that it doesn’t come easy - there is DEDICATION and PERSISTENCE. It’s hard-graft to get to the top of where you want to one day be, that’s why Airhouse is here to SUPPORT you.


How It Works

You have TWO WEEKS to film yourself progressing your passion!

You edit might include:

  • Putting in the time in the facility

  • Film a skill or trick that’s new or already working on

  • Transferring it into your other SPORTS on the hill or trails, etc

  • Airhouse HYPE - Help from friends and coaches - bonus points

  • Edit your footage (maximum 2mins) and send us your Passion Project.

Special guest judges will choose winners who show their true dedication to the cause and love for Airhouse!

Please use #ProgressYourPassionAirhouse


Simple steps to keep you on the right track

  • Read/use/follow the Air Aware Code

  • Stoke one another. Keep the hype high!

  • To enter you must send your MP4 video to

  • You have one week to film your journey

  • Video edit must be submitted by 26 May

  • Label your file name using this format: FirstName_LastName_Location_Sport

We could use the footage on our various social media platforms and may used for advertising or promotion at some point in the future.

There is potential plans to run a premiere of the edits on one of our Movie nights! Stay tuned for this.

Your Passion Project with airhouse - Send it, film it, win it!