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Airhouse Privacy Statement

Privacy and online safety are important to us at Airhouse. We collect data (“Data”) when anyone uses our locations, social media, and our websites (collectively, “Services”). This privacy policy describes how we collect, use and disclose Data.

In this privacy policy, we sometimes refer to “You”. “You” may be a user of one or more of our Services (“User”). This policy does not apply to third-party websites, products, or services even if they link to our Services, and You should consider the privacy practices of those third-parties carefully. If You disagree with the practices described in this policy, You should (a) take the necessary steps to remove cookies from Your computer after leaving our website, and (b) discontinue Your use of our Services. Finally, we have also put together a Cookie Policy (in the FAQ Section) that describes in detail how we use cookies and similar technologies.

1. Data We Collect

a. Personal Data. We call Data that identifies, or that could reasonably be used to identify, You as an individual “Personal Data”. We collect Personal Data in different ways. For example, creating an account in our system, or signing up for our mailing list.  The Personal Data that we may collect includes:

  • Contact details, such as name, postal address, telephone number, email address; and
  • Financial and Transaction Data, such as credit or debit card number, and bank account information;

b. Other Data. We call Data other than Personal Data “Other Data”. We collect Other Data through a variety of sources. One of our sources for Other Data is cookies and other technologies that record Data about the use of our websites, websites that implement our Services, and the use of our Services generally. Other Data that we may collect include:

  • Browser and device data, such as IP address, device type, operating system and Internet browser type, screen resolution, operating system name and version, device manufacturer and model, language, plug-ins, add-ons and the version of the Services You are using; and
  • Cookie and tracking technology data, such as time spent on the Services, pages visited, language preferences, and other anonymous traffic data;

2. How We Use Data

a. Personal Data. We and our service providers use Personal Data to: (i) provide the Services; (ii) detect and prevent fraud; (iii) promote, analyze and improve our products, systems, and tools. Examples of how we may use Personal Data include:

  • To respond to inquiries, send service notices and provide customer support;
  • To process a payments, communicate regarding a payment, and provide related customer service;
  • For audits, regulatory purposes, and compliance;
  • To develop new products;
  • To send marketing communications;
  • To improve or modify our Services; and
  • To conduct aggregate analysis and develop business intelligence that enable us to operate, protect, make informed decisions, and report on the performance of, our business.

b. Other Data. We will process Other Data only for the same purposes as Personal Data under this privacy policy.

Personal Data for the Squamish location is stored in Pike13. Their Privacy Policy can be found here. Personal Data for the Nanaimo location is stored in PerfectMind and their Privacy Policy can be found here.

3. How We Disclose Data.

Airhouse does not sell or rent Personal Data to marketers or unaffiliated third parties.

4. Security.

We use reasonable organizational, technical and administrative measures to protect Personal Data within our organization. Unfortunately, no data transmission or storage system can be guaranteed to be 100% secure. If You have reason to believe that Your interaction with us is no longer secure (for example, if You feel that the security of Your account has been compromised), please contact us immediately.

5. Advertising.

We may use third-party advertising companies to serve advertisements regarding goods and services that may be of interest to You when You access our websites, based on Data relating to Your access to and use of our websites on any of Your devices, as well as Data received from third parties. To do so, these companies may place or recognize a unique cookie, or similar tracking technology, on Your browser (including the use of pixel tags). They may also use these technologies, along with data they collect about Your online use, to recognize You across the devices You use, such as a mobile phone and a laptop, and to make decisions about the advertisements You see. If You would like more information about this practice, and to learn how to opt out of behavioural advertising delivered by Network Advertising Initiative member companies in desktop and mobile browsers on the particular device on which You are accessing this Privacy Policy, please visit the Network Advertising Initiative and Digital Advertising Alliance.

You may download the AppChoices app to opt out in mobile apps. In order to understand and improve the effectiveness of our advertising, we may also use web beacons, cookies, and other technologies to identify the fact that You have visited our website or seen one of our advertisements, and we may provide that Data to one or more tthird-partyadvertising networks. The Data we provide may include the time and date of Your visit to our website, pages viewed, links clicked and other information that does not disclose your ‘real world’ identity. Those advertising networks may recognize the web beacon or cookie associated with Your visit to our website when You visit other websites on which they serve advertising, and they may make decisions about the advertisements You see based on it. We may choose to work with Google AdWords, Facebook, Instagram or other advertising networks. Each of these companies has its own privacy policy, which we encourage You to review. For more information about advertising and tracking online, visit the Network Advertising Initiative. This website allows consumers to “opt out” of the behavioral advertising delivered by member companies. To learn more about the cookies that may be served through our Services, and how you can control our use of cookies, please see our Cookie Policy. At present, there is no industry standard for recognizing Do Not Track browser signals, so we do not respond to them.

6. Choice and Access.

You have choices regarding our use and disclosure of Your Personal Data:

a. Opting out of receiving electronic communications from us. If You no longer want to receive marketing-related emails from us on a going-forward basis, You may opt-out via the unsubscribe link included in such emails. We will try to comply with Your request(s) as soon as reasonably practicable. Please note that if You opt-out of receiving marketing-related emails from us, we may still send You important administrative messages that are required to provide You with our Services. We use MailChimp for our Email Marketing. MailChimp’s updated Privacy Policy can be found here.

b. How You can access or change Your Personal Data. If You would like to review, correct, or update Personal Data that You have previously disclosed to us, You may do so by signing in to Your Airhouse account or by contacting us.

If emailing us Your request, please make clear in the email what Airhouse Location you have an account with and the Personal Data You would like to have changed. For Your protection, we may only implement requests with respect to the Personal Data associated with the particular email address that You use to send us Your request, and we may need to verify Your identity before implementing Your request. We will try to comply with Your request as soon as reasonably practicable.

7. Retention Period.

We will retain Personal Data for the period necessary to fulfil the purposes outlined in this Privacy Policy unless a longer retention period is required or permitted by law. Please note that we have a variety of obligations to retain the Data that You provide to us, including to ensure that transactions can be appropriately processed, settled, refunded or charged-back. Accordingly, even if You close Your Airhouse Account, we will retain certain Data to meet our obligations. There may also be residual Data that will remain within our databases and other records, which will not be removed.

8. Updates to this Privacy Policy and Notifications.

We may change this Privacy Policy. The “Updated” legend at the top of this Privacy Policy indicates when this Privacy Policy was last revised. Any changes are effective when we post the revised Privacy Policy on the Services.

You agree that electronic disclosures and notices have the same meaning and effect as if we had provided You with hard copy disclosures. Disclosures and notices in relation to this Privacy Policy or Personal Data shall be considered to be received by You within 24 hours of the time they are posted to our website or, in the case of Users, sent to through one of means listed in this paragraph.

Contact Us

If You have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us at [email protected] or at:

Airhouse Sport Academy Ltd.
401 – 1201 Commercial Way
Squamish, BC, V8B 0V1
Sensitive Information. Because email communications are not always secure, please do not include credit card or other sensitive Data in Your emails to us.

Cookies are small text files that are stored in a computer’s web browser memory. They help website providers with things like understanding how people use a website, remembering a User’s login details, and storing website preferences. This page explains how we use cookies and other similar technologies to help us ensure that our Services function properly, prevent fraud and other harm, and analyze and improve the Services in accordance with our Privacy Policy (in this FAQ). Any capitalized term used and not otherwise defined below has the meaning assigned to it in the Privacy Policy.

1. How We Use Cookies.

Cookies play an important role in helping us provide personal, effective and safe Services. We use cookies on our website. We change the cookies periodically as we improve or add to our Services, but we generally use cookies for the following purposes:

a. To Operate Our Services. Some cookies are essential to the operation of our website and Services. We use those cookies in a number of different ways, including:

  • Authentication. We use cookies to remember Your login state so You don’t have to login as You navigate through our site and Your dashboard. For example, when You log into Your Stripe dashboard account, we use a cookie so that You don’t have to login again as You navigate throughout the website.
  • Fraud Prevention and Detection. Cookies and similar technologies that we deploy through websites and the Services help us learn things about computers and web browsers used to access the Services.

b. To Analyze and Improve Our Services. Cookies help us understand how to make our website and Services work better for You. Cookies tell us how people reach our website and our Users’ websites and they give us insights into improvements or enhancements we need to make to our website and Services.

c. For Better Advertising. Cookies can help us provide more effective advertising on our website. For example, we might use a cookie to help prevent You from seeing the same advertisement multiple times or to measure how many times an advertisement is viewed or clicked on.

2. How We Use Other Technologies

a. Pixel tags. Pixel tags (also known as web beacons and clear GIFs) may be used in connection with some Services to, among other things, track the actions of Users (such as email recipients), measure the success of our marketing campaigns and compile statistics about usage of the Services and response rates.

b. Third Party Analytics. We use Google Analytics, which uses cookies and similar technologies, to collect and analyze information about use of the Services and report on activities and trends. This service may also collect information regarding the use of other websites, apps and online resources. You can learn about Google’s practices on the Google website. Please refer to the table below for more on how we use third party analytics.

c. Flash Cookies. We may use Adobe Flash and other technologies to, among other things, collect and store information about Your use of the Services. If You want to block or control flash cookies, You can adjust Your settings.

3. How To Manage Cookies

Your web browser may allow You to change Your cookie preferences, including to delete and disable Stripe cookies. Please consult the help section of Your web browser or follow the links below to understand Your options, but please note that if You choose to disable the cookies, some features of our website or Services may not operate as intended.

Airhouse first opened in Squamish, B.C. in Dec 2015. We are a progressive, freestyle training centre offering a wide range of trampoline and action sport programs for everyone. Our goal is to provide the best athletic experience in a safe and fun learning environment.
We believe that we can be a valuable part in all athletes development and training. Whether your sport is Trampoline, Skateboarding, BMX, Freerunning, Freeride Mountain Biking, Skiing, Snowboarding, Dance, Skating, Kite Boarding, Wake Boarding, Wake Surfing, Surfing, Wind Surfing, Moto Cross, Enduro….etc…. we all train in the air.

We have a number of sessions during the day.  They have a start time and an end time. They are between 1.5 and 2 hours long (usually). When you come you are signing in to a session time. So come at the start of the session to get the full jumping / skating experience for that session.

When you purchase a drop in you are purchasing that time block and it will run out at the end of the session. If you want to stay for additional sessions you must purchase additional drop ins.

If you have a monthly or annual pass you can sign up for 1 session per day. If you would like to stay for an additional session you have to wait until the next session starts and ask our Guest Service Crew (GSC) if you can sign up for the next session. Additional sessions are at the discretion of the GSC staff if there is availability.

To add family members to your account please make sure you have logged in to your proper location, Squamish or Nanaimo.

Squamish:, in your account, add a family member and sign a waiver.

Nanaimo: please login to Once you have created your account at the top of your profile click the add family member button. At the top of each person’s account page, you can click “Waiver” to sign each person’s waiver. Waiver’s need to be signed by a parent or legal guardian of everyone under 19 years of age (18 and under).

If your child is attending with another parent please go online (to the location that they will be going to), create an account and sign the waiver. This will make their check-in experience much smoother.

Everyone has to have a waiver before they can jump. Please read carefully for the location that you are wanting to attend as we are on 2 different systems. We are working on connecting them but currently, they are separate ones.

Squamish: Please go to to create your account and sign your waiver.

Nanaimo: Please go to to create your account. Once an account is created you can click the “Waiver” button at the top of you and your children’s account pages. You can follow sign up directions here.

Toddler Time – 3 & 4 year old Child and Adult jump or skate time. Price is per child and adults are free. Max 3 children per 1 adult. Everyone must have a signed waivers.
Open Drop In – 3+. During this Session 3 & 4 year olds must be accompanied by a paying Parent or Guardian 19 or older. All participants pay the drop in fee. Kids 10 and under must have a parent in the building at all times, we have great coffee and a lounge.
13+ – Name says it all, if you are a teen or older come in and have fun.
Adult Time – 18+, some nights just for you!

1. It’s great for your heart
It provides a vigorous aerobic workout, getting your heart to increase the rate at which it pumps blood around your body. It also strengthens the muscles needed for a healthy cardiovascular system.

2. It’s an efficient and easy way of exercising
According to a Nasa study, jumping on a trampoline for 10 minutes is equivalent to a 30-minute run, giving you the same benefits in a third of the time.

3. It’s easy on your joints
Trampolining is a low-impact exercise, because the bouncy mat absorbs the force when you land, preventing jarring of your ankles, knees, hips and spine. It’s easier on your joints than running or jogging.

4. It helps you build strong bones
The repetitive jumping puts your bones under a small amount of stress, which is needed to encourage them to build up mineral content. This increases the density of your bones and reduces your chance of developing conditions such as osteoporosis.

5. It builds strong muscles
Powerful jumping strengthens the muscles in your legs, as they work hard to push you upwards. With repetitive jumping, your muscles have to contract more often than they do with most other exercises, which increases their stamina.

6. It helps with co-ordination
You need to be able to really concentrate to maintain balance, achieve different positions, jump high and prepare for the next position – all at once. Practising this improves motor skills and helps with co-ordination.

7. It’s good for relieving stress and boosting your mood
Exercise, such as trampolining, will release endorphins, the feel-good brain chemicals.
These can help to reduce stress and ease anxiety and depression. It’s fun and can leave you feeling invigorated.

8. It helps to tone your body
Trampolining uses a variety of muscles, including your legs and stomach, because you use your core muscles to stay balanced. Bouncing on a trampoline on a regular basis can help to keep your stomach and bottom toned.

9. It can assist you in losing weight
Jumping on a trampoline burns calories. It can also boost the rate at which your body metabolises food, which will help it to burn fat.

10. It helps your lymphatic system to do its job
The lymph system, which carries toxic substances out of your body, needs gravity and body movement to work properly. Bouncing on a trampoline stimulates the lymphatic drainage system to get rid of toxins, bacteria and waste from your cells, effectively cleansing them.

11. It improves energy levels
More oxygen flows around your body when you bounce on a trampoline and this can result in a rise in energy levels. Meanwhile, getting extra oxygen to your brain can improve mental alertness.


We recommend comfortable athletic wear.  Here are some things to wear and not to wear.

To wear & bring:

  • Athletic attire.. jumping in jeans is just sweaty and you can’t do all the cool tricks
  • Socks – everyone has to have grip socks. All socks must have a grippy bottom (yes we sell them but you can bring your own.. preferably washed and smelling like roses).
  • Water bottle – you are going to sweat. We sell water bottles and bottles full of water so if you don’t have one no worries we can help you out.
  • Short or pants… seems obvious but some kids are just too excited to get here.

Sure they can. First things always is to check the schedule. Our daily sessions are broken out by age groups.

Toddler Time – this is for 3 & 4 year olds (and Pre K 5 year olds). You only pay for the kids and the parents have to go in and jump with you.. or just stand their looking cool.

Open Drop In – this one is for 3 – 130. You are never too old to bounce but you have to at least be 3. This one is for the whole family. Big kids watch out for little and little kids make sure the big kids get a turn. 3 & 4 year olds must be accompanied by a full paying adult 18 or older whether that adult is going to jump or not. Kids 5 – 10 years old must have a responsible adult in the building while they are jumping.

13+ – seems pretty self explanatory doesn’t it. If you aren’t 13 then this time isn’t for you. And the + means grandma can get her jump on as well.

That depends on their age.

3 & 4 year olds need to have a paying adult, 18 or older, in the trampoline area with them at all times. During Toddler Time our price includes both Toddler and an Adult. Max number of Toddler’s per one adult is 3. If a 3 or 4 year old comes during Open Drop in an Adult must also pay and be in the trampoline area with them.

5 – 10 year olds must have an adult in the building at all times. In Squamish, that adult can go to Tall Tree Bakery or Backcountry Brewing but must check in with our Guest Service Team at the front desk before leaving. We also have select times called Air Time where you can pay an additional $5 to have your child watched by one of our team. Max number of kids per staff member is 8.

11+ year olds can be dropped off and the adult does not have to stay in the building. All kids in the party must be 11 or older to leave. Make sure we have your correct mobile phone number on file and your ringer is on. The most popular phone call is them calling you because they want to buy an ice cream.

There are only 2 ways to get on that Squamish Super Tramp.

  1. Be in an Academy Program and if you are really good your coach will take you on it.
  2. Be 13 or older and pass a test from one of our qualified coaches. Everyone has to take the test… even superman.

Our Drop-In Coaches are here to help during all of our drop-in training sessions.  A coach can teach up to their level of certification but they will mainly just have time to give tips and pointers for what you are working on.

The best way to learn to do a back flip fast take one of our Private Lessons. These private lessons are great for 1 on 1 or 2 on 1 instruction. Work on specific skill improvement at your own pace.  The next best way to learn to do a backflip is to take our Airhouse Academy program. As you move through the skill progression you’ll find that all roads lead to flipping.

Nanaimo Academy Page                     Squamish Academy Page

Air Time is time for you (the parent) to take off and do what you need to do and time for your kids to have fun.
At Airhouse our policy is a parent or guardian has to be in the building for kids 10 and under. With our Air Time program you let us watch your kid(s) while you get that much needed time for yourself.
This is supervised play time with one of our amazing staff. Although it isn’t coaching that doesn’t mean they won’t learn a thing or too… plus have a lot of fun with one the pros.
Supervised jumping for 5 – 10 year olds for just $8 more than the normal drop in rate.

At the Airhouse we are strict on all of our jumpers being older than 3. There are lots of amazing kids younger than 3 and we just can’t wait to meet them. I recommend booking their 3rd birthday party here and start off their Airhouse jumping career with a bang!

In Nanaimo we will let in 2 year olds into our Spring Floor area. You can not pre book the 2 year olds, that has to be done on the day.

What’s the difference between the Wicked Auto-Pay Pass and the Local Pass?

  • First major difference is that the Wicked Pass is Wicked!
    • Wicked Passes work at all Locations and you get discounts on Academy Lessons.
    • The pass auto renews on the same day that you purchased it each month.
    • Simple cancellation policy. You call us and we cancel it the same day. No questions!
  • The Local Pass is for 1 month only and will end after your month expires.
    • The local pass only works at the location that you purchased it at.

Why do you have 2 passes?

  • The Local Month Pass is intended for people that only want a pass for 1 month and don’t want to commit to longer.
  • The Local Pass can be paid in any form, credit card, debit card or cash.
  • The Wicked Pass Auto-Pay is for people that want to commit to longer than a month but only want to pay 1 month at a time. Since you are committing to longer we commit to a lower monthly price and more benefits with the Wicked Pass Program.
  • The Wicked Pass must be paid for with a credit card and that card is stored online so we can charge it each month.

How can I cancel either pass?

  • The Cancellation policy for both passes is simple.
  • You can cancel them at any time.
  • The day you cancel is the day the pass ends.
  • We do not prorate or post date the cancellation and there are no refunds.
  • We would suggest cancelling as close to the renewal date, for Wicked Passes, as you can so you get full use of the pass for that last month.

Remember it’s Wicked!

Great question. Birthday party bookings include 15 spots. If you want to bring more people that is great but please let us know in advance. We still run a drop in sessions during that time but decrease the capacity to allow for the Birthday Party People. So please let us know if you are bringing more so we can limit the capacity further.

Just to be 100% clear other people will be here using the facility while your Birthday Party is going on unless you book out the entire facility.

If you want to book out the entire place for your Birthday Party or special event please reach out to our teams. In Squamish email [email protected] and in Nanaimo please email [email protected].

On June 1st, 2018 we will be making some changes to our pricing. These changes have been challenging for us as we have really tried to make Airhouse as affordable as possible while providing great services and products.

The changes in pricing are directly related to the Provincial Government’s change in Minimum Wage and the new MSP tax, as well as increased local business taxes, utilities and other costs that are affecting all of us at work and at home. The changes we are making in pricing go back directly to those cost changes and to invest in our team with the ongoing goal of constantly improving the quality of our services and offerings to you.

Some key facts about our team:

  • All team members in the Activity Zones are trained coaches
  • All team members in an Airhouse have, a least, Standard First aid with C-Spine (this includes all office and front of house team members)
  • All team members have ongoing first aid training throughout the year

Airhouse is first and foremost an Athlete Development Centre and it is our goal that anyone that comes in to use our facility can learn something from our team. Our Drop-In sessions are where are Coaches can interact to give tips and advice for you as well as discuss risk management. Our Academy and Camps are where Athletes get focused coaching, with a plan and curriculum focused on individual progression, throughout the program.

As a commitment to you, anyone that is a Wicked Pass Member before June 1st, 2018 will be grandfathered at our current $45 a month rate for this next year, as long as the pass is up to date and is auto-renewing. Using this pass just over 2 times a month pays for it.

We understand that making changes like this is difficult for families, we didn’t take it lightly and we are happy to discuss these with anyone that is interested.

Price Changes as of June 1st, 2018.

  • Wicked PassesToddler 3 & 4 y/o
    • Now $30 per month (p/m)
    • Jun 1st $36 p/m
  • Wicked Pass 5 & up
    • Now $45 p/m
    • Jun 1st $55 p/m
  • Drop in Pricing
    • Toddler 3 & 4
      • Now – $11.00
      • Jun 1st – $12.00
    • 5 & Up
      • Now – $16.75
      • Jun 1st – $20.00

Wicked Pass members get 15% off Academy Lessons
*GST is already included in all of our pricing so this is the final cost.