What is Airhouse's Privacy Policy?

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What is Airhouse?

Airhouse first opened in Squamish, B.C. in Dec 2015. We are a progressive, freestyle training centre offering a wide range of trampoline and action sport programs for everyone. Our goal is to provide the best athletic experience in a fun and progressive learning environment.

We believe that we can be a valuable part in all athletes development and training. Whether your sport is Trampoline, Skateboarding, BMX, Freerunning, Freeride Mountain Biking, Skiing, Snowboarding, Dance, Skating, Kite Boarding, Wake Boarding, Wake Surfing, Surfing, Wind Surfing, Moto Cross, Enduro….etc…. we all train in the air.

How do you create and Account and fill in Waivers?

Everyone has to have a waiver before they can jump. Please watch the instructions for your location. We currently have two systems.

Squamish: Please go to airhouse.pike13.com to create your account and sign your waiver. Squamish instructions below.

Kelowna & Nanaimo: Please go to airhouse.perfectmind.com to create your account. Once an account is created you can click the “Waiver” button at the top of you and your children’s account pages. Please watch the video below to see how you create an account

How do we book?

We have a number of sessions during the day. They have defined start and end time. They are, usually, 1.5 or 2 hours long. You are signing in to a specific session time. Please come at the start of the session to get the full jumping / skating experience and time.

If you would like to stay for any additional sessions you must purchase another drop-in pass.

For Wicked and Local Members you can pre-sign up for 1 session per day. If you would like to stay for an additional sessions you will have to talk to any member of our Guest Service Team, at the front desk. Additional sessions are at the discretion of the Guest Service Team and are based upon availability and your physical and mental ability to particiapte in another session.

We would like to request a donation.

Please fill out this donation request form here.

How do we add family members to our account?

To add family members to your account please make sure you have logged in to your proper location, Kelowna, Nanaimo or Squamish. Waiver’s need to be signed by a parent or legal guardian of everyone under 19 years of age (18 and under).

Squamish: airhouse.pike13.com, in your account, add a family member and sign a waiver.

Nanaimo and Kelowna: please login to airhouse.perfectmind.com. Once you have created your account at the top of your profile click the add family member button. At the top of each person’s account page, you can click “Waiver” to sign each person’s waiver.

If your child is attending with another parent please create an account and sign the waiver before they attend. This will make their check-in experience much smoother.

What types of Drop-In Trampoline and Skate Sessions do you have?

Pre-K Drop-In Training – 3 & 4 year old Child and Adult jump or skate time. Price is $12 per child and adults are free. Max 3 children per 1 adult. Everyone must have a signed a waiver.

Drop-In Training – All ages 3 to Adult. $20 drop-in.

  • Every person in the activity zone must pay the drop in fee.
  • 3 & 4 year olds must be accompanied by a paying Parent or Guardian, 19 or older, into the activity zone.
  • Children, 5 - 10, must have a parent in the building at all times.
  • Ages 11 and up can be dropped off.
  • Open to Adults too.

Drop-In Traing 13+ – For Teens and Adults. $20 drop-in.

Adult Time – 18+, some nights just for you! $20 drop-in.

What are the benefits of trampoline?

  1. It’s great for your heart It provides a vigorous aerobic workout, getting your heart to increase the rate at which it pumps blood around your body. It also strengthens the muscles needed for a healthy cardiovascular system.

  2. It’s an efficient and easy way of exercising According to a Nasa study, jumping on a trampoline for 10 minutes is equivalent to a 30-minute run, giving you the same benefits in a third of the time.

  3. It’s easy on your joints Trampolining is a low-impact exercise, because the bouncy mat absorbs the force when you land, preventing jarring of your ankles, knees, hips and spine. It’s easier on your joints than running or jogging.

  4. It helps you build strong bones The repetitive jumping puts your bones under a small amount of stress, which is needed to encourage them to build up mineral content. This increases the density of your bones and reduces your chance of developing conditions such as osteoporosis.

  5. It builds strong muscles Powerful jumping strengthens the muscles in your legs, as they work hard to push you upwards. With repetitive jumping, your muscles have to contract more often than they do with most other exercises, which increases their stamina.

  6. It helps with co-ordination You need to be able to really concentrate to maintain balance, achieve different positions, jump high and prepare for the next position – all at once. Practising this improves motor skills and helps with co-ordination.

  7. It’s good for relieving stress and boosting your mood Exercise, such as trampolining, will release endorphins, the feel-good brain chemicals. These can help to reduce stress and ease anxiety and depression. It’s fun and can leave you feeling invigorated.

  8. It helps to tone your body Trampolining uses a variety of muscles, including your legs and stomach, because you use your core muscles to stay balanced. Bouncing on a trampoline on a regular basis can help to keep your stomach and bottom toned.

  9. It can assist you in losing weight Jumping on a trampoline burns calories. It can also boost the rate at which your body metabolises food, which will help it to burn fat.

  10. It helps your lymphatic system to do its job The lymph system, which carries toxic substances out of your body, needs gravity and body movement to work properly. Bouncing on a trampoline stimulates the lymphatic drainage system to get rid of toxins, bacteria and waste from your cells, effectively cleansing them.

  11. It improves energy levels More oxygen flows around your body when you bounce on a trampoline and this can result in a rise in energy levels. Meanwhile, getting extra oxygen to your brain can improve mental alertness.

from http://www.womensweekly.co.nz/

What should we wear?

We recommend comfortable athletic wear. Here are some things to wear and not to wear.

To wear & bring:

  • Athletic attire.. jumping in jeans is just sweaty and you can’t do all the cool tricks
  • Socks – everyone has to have grip socks. All socks must have a grippy bottom (yes we sell them but you can bring your own.. preferably washed and smelling like roses).
  • Water bottle – you are going to sweat. We sell water bottles and bottles full of water so if you don’t have one no worries we can help you out.
  • Shorts or pants… As well as an extra pair for the little ones... seems obvious but some kids are just too excited to get here.

Can my whole family jump during one Session?

Sure they can. First things always is to check the schedule. Our daily sessions are broken out by age groups.

Pre-K Drop-In Training – 3 & 4 year old Child and Adult jump or skate time. Price is $12 per child and adults are free. Max 3 children per 1 adult. Everyone must have a signed a waiver.

Drop-In Training – All ages 3 to Adult. $20 drop-in.

  • Every person in the activity zone must pay the drop in fee.
  • 3 & 4 year olds must be accompanied by a paying Parent or Guardian, 19 or older, into the activity zone.
  • Children, 5 - 10, must have a parent in the building at all times.
  • Ages 11 and up can be dropped off.
  • Open to Adults too.

Drop-In Traing 13+ – For Teens and Adults. $20 drop-in.

Adult Time – 18+, some nights just for you! $20 drop-in.

Can I drop my kid(s) off?

That depends on their age and what they are doing.

For all Lessons, Camps and Air Time products then yes you can drop off. You must please sign them in and sign them out so please come inside during drop off and pick up.

For our Drop-in Sessions:

  • 3 & 4 year olds need to have a paying adult, 18 or older, in the trampoline area with them at all times. During Toddler Time our price is per Toddler and the Adult is free. Maximum number of Toddler’s per responsible adult is 3. If a 3 or 4 year old comes during Open Drop-in a paying Adult must be in the trampoline area with them.

  • 5 – 10 year olds must have an adult in the building at all times. If you are looking to drop off and go please look into our lesson, camp and Air Time products. Older siblings that are under 19 do not count as a supervising adult.

  • 11+ year olds can be dropped off and the adult does not have to stay in the building. All kids in the party must be 11 or older to leave. Make sure we have your correct mobile phone number on file and your ringer is on. The most popular phone call is them calling you because they want to buy an ice cream.

When can I jump on the Super Tramp?

There are only 2 ways to get on that Squamish Super Tramp.

  1. Be in an Academy Program and if you are really good your coach will take you on it.

  2. Be 13 or older and pass a test from one of our qualified coaches. Everyone has to take the test… even superman.

Can you teach me to do a backflip?

Coaches are here to help during all of our drop-in training sessions. A coach can teach up to their level of certification. They will have time to give tips and pointers for what you are working on.

The best way to learn to do a back flip fast take one of our Private Lessons. These private lessons are great for 1 on 1 or 2 on 1 instruction. Work on specific skill improvement at your own pace. The next best way to learn to do a backflip is to take our Airhouse Group Academy Lessons. As you move through the skill progression you’ll find that all roads lead to flipping.

What is Air Time? (5 - 10 yr old Drop-Off program)

Air Time is time for you (the parent) to take off and do what you need to do and time for your kids to have fun.

Let us watch your kid(s) while you get that much needed time for yourself. This is supervised play time with one of our amazing staff. Although it isn’t coaching that doesn’t mean they won’t learn a thing or too… plus have a lot of fun with one the pros.

Air Time is $8 + Drop-In or just $8 if you have a Membership.

What age do we have to be to jump?

At the Airhouse we are strict on all of our jumpers being older than 3. There are lots of amazing kids younger than 3 y/o and we just can’t wait to meet them. I recommend booking their 3rd birthday party here and start off their Airhouse jumping career with a bang!

What’s the difference between the Wicked Pass and the Local Pass?

  • First major difference is that the Wicked Pass is Wicked!
    • Wicked Passes work at all Locations and you get discounts on Academy Lessons.
    • The pass auto renews on the same day that you purchased it each month.
    • Simple cancellation policy. You call us and we cancel it the same day. No questions!
  • The Local Pass is for 1 month only and will end after your month expires.
    • The local pass only works at the location that you purchased it at.

Why do you have 2 passes?

  • The Local Month Pass is intended for people that only want a pass for 1 month and don’t want to commit to longer.
  • The Local Pass can be paid in any form, credit card, debit card or cash.
  • The Wicked Pass is for people that want to commit to longer than a month but only want to pay 1 month at a time. Since you are committing to longer we commit to a lower monthly price and more benefits with the Wicked Pass Program.
  • The Wicked Pass must be paid for with a credit card and that card is stored online.

How can I cancel either pass?

  • The Cancellation policy for both passes is simple.
  • You can cancel them at any time.
  • The day you cancel is the day the pass ends.
  • We do not prorate or post date the cancellation and there are no refunds.
  • We would suggest cancelling as close to the renewal date, for Wicked Passes, as you can so you get full use of the pass for that last month.

Can I book out the entire facility for an Event or Party?

Great question. Birthday party bookings include 10 or 15 spots. If you want to bring more people that is great but please let us know in advance. We still run a drop in sessions during that time but decrease the capacity to allow for the Birthday Party People. So please let us know if you are bringing more so we can limit the capacity further.

Just to be 100% clear other people will be here using the facility while your Birthday Party is going on unless you book out the entire facility, see Events page for info on private hire.

If you want to book out the entire place for your Birthday Party or special event please reach out to our teams. In Squamish email manager.sqm@airhouse.ca Nanaimo please email manager.nmo@airhouse.ca and Kelowna please email manager.kel@airhouse.ca.

Where are the taxes?

We like things simple so we have included the taxes in all of our pricing... what you see is what you pay.

Airbag Training Camp Itinerary / Q & A

Please note that this itinerary may adjust slightly (Eg. Weather conditions) in order to maximise the time of your training / fun at the camp:

Daily Itinerary:

  • 8:00 Meet @ Gone Bakery 8:00am Shuttle to WOP
  • 09:15 - 09:45 Registration & Daily briefing (WOP Lodge) - Check waivers, drink coffee, talk a big game.
  • 09:45 - 10:00 Warm-up
  • 10:00 - 12:00 Airbag Session
  • 12:00 - 12:45 Lunch / Brag session - BYO or purchase from WOP Cafeteria
  • 12:45 - 13:00 Warm-up * 13:00 - 15:00 PM Airbag Session
  • 15:00 - 15:30 Pack up w/ après
    • Option 1 - Shuttle back to Whistler Village
    • Option 2 - Meet at Gibbons for further après

Overal Camp Scope:

Evening Before Day 1: Free Entry into the Airhouse Training Facility in the evening to shake out your jelly legs, gain some air awareness after your trip, meet the crew and meet the other guys and girls in the camp.

Day 1 of Airbag Camp: Bus will be provided each morning and evening. Picking you up and taking you to the Airhouse Airbag in the Callaghan Valley. You'll be training on the airbag until you're totally wrecked, then we head back to your hotel for a few to chill / head out for drinks.

Day 2 of Airbag Camp: Airhouse training in the morning to consolidate on foundations of good technique and to improve your air awareness. We will then hit the Airhouse Airbag in the afternoon to practice the skills we worked on at the tramps.

Day 3 of Airbag Camp: This day is bringing everything we've been working on together. A massive day on the airbags, followed by an afternoon of talking tricks over beers.

After the Camp: We recommend you stay a little longer in Whistler and take your skills up the mountain while everything you've learnt is fresh. This will enhance the learning on all the hard work you've put in this past 3 days, allowing you to transition your skills to real park jumps! Whether you worked on learning to spin or learning to flip or cork...You will come out of this camp a better snowboarder.


How Many Jumps Do I Get In A Day?

We are having 5 x 2 hour sessions on the airbag. Each session you should be hitting the jump every few minutes, with coaching tips and feedback provided after each jump. The question really is, how many jumps can YOU do in a day?

What Skill Level Must You Be To Attend?

The camp is open to all abilities. A baseline recommendation to get the most out of the camp is to be at least clearing the knuckles of small jumps in the park. We have participants attending who are just learning to jump (Grabs and 180/360 spins). We also have advanced riders attending who are learning double corks and getting weird with new inventive flips... With our professional coaches, we can help you at any ability level!

Do I have To Know How To Hit An Airbag?

Heck no! That's what our awesome coaches are for. If you've never hit an airbag, or even hit a big jump...we're going to help coach you and get you super confident. The benefit of airbag training is that you can learn new tricks/improve old tricks in a very low risk environment. Imagine sending it into a cartoon cloud...It's straight up fun!

What Do I Need To Bring?

  • Your snowboard gear (apparel, boots, bindings and snowboard) not only so you can hit the airbag, but you'll be in Whistler, BC...Arguably one of the world's best ski towns! You might like to come a day or two early to the camp, or stay a day or two longer after the camp so that you can enjoy riding Whistler and Blackcomb mountains.
  • You'll also need casual wear to hang out in around town. Weather in March averages between -2° to 7° in the village.
  • Gym attire for training at the Airhouse Training Facilities.
  • At the end of a day of getting sendy, having some comfy chill gear to lounge around in while you're giving your legs a rest is also a good idea.
  • Water bottle so you can keep hydrated on the go.
  • Rainy weather gear just in case.
  • Spending money for nights out, treats and maybe some lift pass money to shred Whistler Blackcomb before and/or after the camp.
  • Bring some bathers/swimmers/board shorts in case you stay in a place with a hot tub or if swimming in partially frozen lakes around Whistler is your thing.

Transport To And From The Camp?

We have participants coming from all over the world. Below is information for each kind of attendee:

  • International - If you're flying internationally for the camp, fly into YVR Airport (Vancouver). From here, it's a simple 2 hour bus ride with companies like Epic Rides or Ride Booker. There are many more options online to view but these are two popular and affordable choices from YVR Airport to Whistler.
  • Canada/USA - If you're driving to Whistler, please check the weather before your trip as it may be snowing/icy.

Transport During the Camp?

Included in the camp cost is all transport from Whistler to the airbag site (if required). If you have your car in Whistler/Squamish while attending the camp, you are welcome to drive to the airbag site. There is free parking available at the airbag site.

Where Should We Book To Stay?

There are lots of options of places to stay during the dates. We recommend AirBNB or the hostels/hotels in Whistler. Another option if you want to stay just out of Whistler is Squamish, however transport to the airbag site is arranged from Whistler only (if required). We have arranged a deal with the Listel Hotel for reduced room rates for the 3 days (pending availability). Contact manager.sqm@airhouse.ca if you'd like to learn more about this option for accomdation (Approximately $299 - $350 CAD for the 3 days).

What's Included for the $999 CAD?

  • 3 Days on the AIRBAG, built for snowboarders and skiers.
  • Personal instruction every day by Snowboard Addiction Coaches
  • 1x Snowboard Tutorial (Annual) Membership
  • Lunch and a frosty brew at Après included
  • Transport to and from Airbag site (if required)
  • 5 x complementary drop in training passes to Nanaimo, Squamish and/or Kelowna Airhouse
  • Competitions and swag giveaways during the camp (minimum $1000 value)

How Many Coaches Are There?

We have a 1 coach to 7 attendee ratio. Since only 1 person is ever dropping into the airbag at one time, you will find this coaching 1-1 as far as feedback goes. After each hit, see the coach briefly for feedback and even the occasional video replay. Hike back up...drop in...improve...repeat. Once final numbers and skill levels are understood of each attendee, we will adjust coaching accordingly to ensure you're stoked.

What's Going To Be Taught?

First, we're going to work out your goals for the camp. What do you want to achieve? We then implement a game plan on how we can get you there through the 3 days of airbag and training facility visits. Write down some tricks you want to learn, plus some tricks you know well but would like to improve / add more style to. That's a great starting point to give us the direction to make sure this camp sends your riding into another dimension.

Our Coaching Objectives Are As Follows:

  • Goal setting and strategizing with you how to achieve your goals for the camp: For example, do you want to learn to 360, back flip or maybe double cork? We will give you the steps and safe progression to get you achieving your goals.
  • Trick fundamentals and the correct trick progression: This will have you learning tricks faster, unlearning bad habits and also give you progressions to work on after the camp so you build on what you learnt at the camp.
  • Coaching and consistent feedback on improving style, technique and timing of jump tricks: After each hit, speak to one of our coaches who will have been watching you jump. Get their feedback straight after you land, then drop in again straight away to improve on your last jump while all the feedback is still fresh.
  • Airbag safety and coaching on how to hit an airbag: We have a huge airbag, a huge jump and the world's best snowboard coaches. We're going to ensure you're learning in a comfortable, safe, progressive environment.
  • Strength and conditioning: You will be jumping A LOT over the 3 days. Expect jelly legs after day one and a mad desire for a hot tub after day three.
  • A massive jump in your air awareness and confidence hitting jumps: You will be hitting the airbag countless times, over 5 x 2 hour sessions. With an amazing amount of jumping time on a decent sized jump, you will be feeling like a pro with guaranteed improvements to your air awareness, jump skills and confidence hitting jumps.

What Will Be Filmed?

We will have a filmer who will be filming periodically throughout the Airbag training so that you can watch back the tricks you're practicing and learn from your mistakes. You're also welcome to have your phone handy to film other participants in return for them filming you. We will be having a collaborative shared drive where our professional filmers and photographers can store all the photos/footage shot of you at the sessions.

Will Lunch Be Provided?

This is not a fully catered camp but lunch and a cold brew is served daily. You will have free time in the morning and evening to grab food at your leisure. During camp time, lunch will be provided along with an après drink. Whistler Olympic Park (where the Airbag camp is held) has a cafe for snacks if you wish to grab something outside of lunch hours.

Will There Be Instagram Stars Handing Out Drinks In A Hot Tub When We Finish Riding Each Day?

Unfortunately we have not arranged that...but if you do happen to come to the camp, then retire to the spa...it's not an impossible thought!